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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hi, I'm MicehellWD! Nice to meet you all. I'm currently still a student but I also work as a art & craft teacher as well.
I'm also a freelance illustrator~
Needs something drawn? I'm your best mate to do it!

But BEWARE! My art style varies! It keep changing since I love to try new style of painting every now and then. It will maintain though when I draw request/commissions, so don't worry~

Tumblr: micehellworlddomination.tumblr…


MicehellWDomination has started a donation pool!
806 / 2,430
Please donate if you like my art or support me >_<

Need the point to start contest and stuff so yeah~

Thank you for those who donate :D

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Yay, okay, enough for the celebration. Commission is back on and the price list have updated. Sorry for taking so long to update.


Points Commissions are available now!

Things to read and follow!

PM or mail in your request.

Payment - Paypal only for non-Malaysian.
Make sure to let me know your email and your DA username.
( Do not send in the payment first until I said yes. )
You have to pay me once I send you the WIP files in order for me to continue finishing you're work.


Stuff I draw.
- Chibi
- Anime/Human/OC/Avatar/Fanart
- Furries, Animal, Gijinka
- Any pairings ( BL , GL etc )
- Key art for your characters ( front, back, side view, expressions - price may varied for this. )

( I do not draw Hardcore Mecha! :( (Sad) )


Price list:

Headshot: 5$
Halfbody: 7$
Full body: 10$
Chibi Version: (same as above)
Add chara: 5$ (each)

Headshot: 10$
Halfbody: 13$
Full body: 15$
Chibi Version: (same as above)
Add chara: 5$ (each)

Simple Grayscale (B&W):
Headshot: 15$
Halfbody: 17$
Full body: 20$
Chibi Version: -3$ (Available for this category)
Add chara: 5$ (each)

Grayscale Render:

Headshot: 20$
Halfbody: 23$
Full body: 25$
Chibi Version: -8$ (Available for this category)
Add chara: 8$ (each)

Simple/Basic Colors:
Headshot: 18$
Halfbody: 20$
Full body: 22$
Chibi Version: -6$ (Available for this category)
Add chara: 10$ (each)

Full render Colors:
Headshot: 25$
Halfbody: 27$
Full body: 30$
Chibi Version: -8$ (Available for this category)
Add chara: 15$ (each)

Additional Background: 5$ - 15$ (depending on the details )
Limit for Character Add on: 5 max
Paper size: A5 (chibi), A4 (basic), A3 ( Add on 10$ )

Time consume to finish the works:
Sketches - 1 - 2 days
Outlines - 1 - 3 days
Simple grayscale - Less than a week.
Simple color - Around a week time.
Full render color/grayscale - A week to a month.
( This is just estimated time, the work done will be faster if I get reply quicker from you or slower if you are busy. )


All version of Headshot Sample:
 Commission sample2 by MicehellWDomination

The Harvesting Fruits Feast Pen by MicehellWDomination Rowdyruffboys Wip by MicehellWDomination

Halfbody Full color render + BG:
Trio Chat by MicehellWDomination

Fullbody color render:
 Adela Commissions by MicehellWDomination  Sonnet Commission by MicehellWDomination

Fullbody color render + Detail BG:
Nophister Dragon Lord by MicehellWDomination Chrismas outfit desgin by MicehellWDomination DarkShadowFox Commission 2 by MicehellWDomination
More samples from gallery: micehellwdomination.deviantart…

Points Points Version of Commissions. ( Not preferable. )
- I charge them almost the same price as the one I charge for cash. So if you are interested in paying in points, just let me know, I'll do the calculation for you.


- Artwork are all done Digitally!
- I do any request.
- No R18 hopefully. ( Half naked or extreme poses is fine. )
- You are allow to use the artwork I made for you for any posting in any blog, make into a banner etc, but You are not allow to resell my artwork. ( This is the only thing I need you to follow. That's all. No harm done! )
- If this is a gift or shared art with someone, you have to let me know too. Just in case for some misunderstandings.
- For those of you other people who wants to use or reblog any requested artwork, you have to ask me and the owner request for permission first before using.
- Other than that, have fun!

Star system and How it works

1. No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star (Not started/WIP)
2.Star!No StarNo StarNo StarNo Star (sketches)
3.Star!Star!No StarNo StarNo Star (Outlines)
4.Star!Star!Star!No StarNo Star (Flat color/Grayscale)
5. Star!Star!Star!Star!No Star (Rendering stage)
6. Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! (Final rendering/done)


1.TheFangyFae - Star!Star!Star!No StarNo Star
2. (Open)
3. (Open)
4. (Open)
5. (Open)

Waiting list


Please use this post to mail in your request, it will be easier for me and for you.

Name: ( username )
Email: ( email that you're using for payment and also for me to email you the large version of the artwork. )
Request: ( Yes, write down your request. Please be specific unless you wants it random )
Gift or share art: ( Only if you're giving it to someone else/ sharing art, rather than your own. )

For now, that's it. Will update soon if there's any changes! :) (Smile)

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Little-kaiyou-Kame Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey thanks a lot for the watch :)

Kame :heart:
MicehellWDomination Mar 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I've been focused on the MalaysiaAirlines news SINCE it broke last March08, Michelle-chan~~~ now, CNN's at the gripping part; but pretty much, I would like to express my sympathy to you and your countrymen on this one, Michelle-chan~~~~:iconaawplz: :cling: :iconsympathyplz::iconaawplz:
MicehellWDomination Mar 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Owhhh, thanks~ But seriously, I really don't have any idea whats wrong and how stupid is my country, I meant the actions they are taking and what they were doing about it for the pass few days~ >m<;;
presently I get what you mean by your country "hiding" and being "stupid", Michelle-chan~~~:iconsympathyplz:

still the Malaysian govt. has their reasons to hide things but uh...well, they kinda screwed up alright.

latest news on the MH370 was liek, because of the "poor communication", and some of Malaysian govt "not surrendering the cockpit and air-traffic controller's conversation", they wasted precious time, as much as 3 days where the rescuers searched the wrong area.:shrug:

As reported, there was some kinda poor communication on it, and wrong analyses because of it, Michelle-chan~~:shrug:

somehow, MalaysiaAirlines and your govt really have been "incapable" of this search. There's already a news phrase saying "Time for U.S. to lead search?", because as always implied, Malaysia is the PRIME investigator, which are ONLY ASSISTED by countries like USA and Australia.
but because they've been incapable with their responsibilities and roles on this, whether they're hiding or simply they juz can't handle this kinda complex investigation, well you could say politics really need to be put aside on here.

As harsh as it is, over the past three weeks since March 08, Malaysian investigators aren't prepared and ready for this. They even made an "erroneous report" that the last words the copilot/pilot said was "alright goodnight", when juz now, they said or revised what they said to be "goodnight Malaysia three seven zero".
Here it implies that they even made errors on a simple voice record conversation between the airplane and the tower control.:facepalm:

so far this is it, the most breaking news so far, Michelle-chan.:iconaawplz:

other news are like, yep, three days of searching got totally wasted because Malaysian investigators "handle the communication poorly". and among the things they juz find are trash around the sea. Literal trash----garbage.:shrug:
for now, they're like...the area they have to search is like 10,000 square miles, and that's gonna take about two years of searching---so they need to narrow that area, and here hopefully, it's either Malaysian investigators/govt/airlines do their investigation right, or let the more capable people handle this.:shrug:
MicehellWDomination Apr 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, I heard about it from my friend too, although not so detail. But yeah, you finally get my point of view~ *throw confetti.*

Really, they're just so far at that point that I just really don't care anymore. OTL Now my country is gonna get look down way far worst. >m<;; Stupid government...
(1 Reply)
nuuuu~~your country ain't stupid, Michelle-chan (at least as how CNN presents it but I also agree to it)~~:iconaawplz:

it's juz that they can't "say" things pre-emptively and all. They juz can't release their words without 100% confirmation, UNLESS the investigators of multinational level (USA, Malaysia, even India involved, plus the number of countries who helped with the search, even FBI and NTSB and FAA and even Boeing itself) all agreed that "this" is what happened.^^
so...yep~~~~:iconaawplz: that's it~~^^ :huggle:

for the past few days, they were working hand-in-hand with those other investigators from different countries.
Firstly, because the plane is a Boeing, it's US-made, so Boeing along with NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) and FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) are complied and obligated to help with the search; and yep, other countries (even Phils here) joined looking and finding for the the 777 be it a whole plane or in pieces.:nod:

how they were able to come up with the investigation as far as this is all thanks to join-efforts, so yep, you don't go and be bitter with your government/authority Michelle-chan~~:iconaawplz: they've been doin' the very best they can for this~~~:iconaawwplz:
MicehellWDomination Mar 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hnn~ I know *huggles* But my government always give answer that had not been answer. But really, thank goodness for the join help to try and solved the problems~ =w= Still I think my government is so full of themselves in the end. >w<
(1 Reply)
hi :wave: thanks for the watch! :happybounce:
MicehellWDomination Feb 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, you're welcome! :D
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